Marquee Codes

Blood Bites is dripping with vampire & gothic layouts, vampire pictures, dark images, creepy stickers, scary pics, and lots of blood. Take from us and live forever...well, not really.

Marquees marked with a * are incompatible with all browsers.  
Right to Left Marquee


Left to Right Marquee


Alternate Marquee


Up Marquee


Down Marquee


Up/Down Alternate Marquee


* Zig Zagging Marquee


* Alternating Zig Zagging Marquee


* >>Highlight Text<<


* <<<< Opposite Highlight text>>>>


TEXT (Colors)


Colored Border Marquee (Colors)

* 3 | | |High Tech Text| | |4

* 4| | |High Text Text| | |3 2


* Hiding Marquee


Wave Marquee
Wave Marquee